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Spiritual readings
Accurate and confidential readings , bringing proof that spirits are very much apart of our life.
I have been chosen by spirits to work as a channel to communicate between spirits and their loved ones.
Do you have unanswered questions about your loved ones passing?
Would you like confirmation that they have reached the other world ?
Do you feel spirit around you ?
Readings £30 approx 30 minuites

Any form of clairvoyance or mediumship is for entertainment purpose only


Taster Card Readings
3 cards = £12
You may choose from a pack of Tarot, Angel, Fairy or animal cards. The chosen cards are then doused with a pendulum with your name written beside it.
Each card guides you, past, present, and future. 
Please be aware that there is no time in the other world. Do not be too hasty if information doesn’t immediately ring true!
I have had readings and 10 years later the information has been correct. Loved ones will come through with love or advice.
Or you may have a question that you need to ask.
Reading will be emailed or can be in person via telephone (appointment can be arranged) One to one readings are £30 for 30mins. Any information given is completely confidential.
        Blessings, Nikki.


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