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Ever since animals have roamed our planet they have taught 
Themselves to self  medicate  using herbs ,plants  and clay.
By using their senses they instinctively know what can heal them
Physically , mentally and emotionally.
Never under estimate the power of nature !!
Watch your horses or pony forage the heagrowe.
Why does your cat love “catnip” ??
Why do dogs drink from muddy puddles??
All can be revealed when healing with herbs !
Animals can benefit from treating the body and mind holistically
(just as we do ) by using pure essential oils, mascerates and herbs 
With healing energy, we can help the animal express their true feelings.
This is a brief explanation, as once you enter the realms of healing with
Nature, it is a fascinating  journey and we are learning as we go along
The way.
Allow nature to be our teacher !!


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