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Animals are like magnets  to the powers of energy healing ! 
As a healer I am a channel for the spiritual force of universal energy.
This connects to the animal physically ,mentally and emotionally.
Maybe your  pet  appears negative, withdrawn, aggressive or
Listless? , this could relate to hidden history of abuse or trauma that 
Needs to be released. (often the case with rescue pets)
You may feel that you need to bond  with your pet at a deeper level?
Through energy healing many amazing discoveries are literally at our 
Fingertips !!
We ALL have the ability to become a healer, for humans and animals

Just like us animals have emotions, which we often find difficult to 
Through years of experience of rescuing   dogs, cats, horses , rabbits and
Any living creature! I have been fortunate to have heard their voice. This enables
Me to communicate with them.
By using my spirit guides I can tune into your pet, present and past . I like to introduce myself
To your pet via photograph, to ask their permission to chat and offer healing to them.
I then can
meet them in their own home or they can visit me, if it is not too stressful for
Them. This may take a few sessions , as some anim
als are too distressed to communicate
Straight away .  


Distance healing can be a comfort to Guardians for pets who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Distance readings  £20

Animal communication readings £35

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