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Hi Welcome Soulmates

From a child I have had an affinity with animals, constantly bringing all the waifs and Strays home, each one needing more care and love than the one before! 

I am a naturally gifted medium and clairvoyant who works with the help of spirit and my spirit guides, to connect with the afterlife.  I have learnt to heal and communicate with animals from my own experience.  

I am a passionate animal lover, my dogs and horses are my soul mates. I feel totally blessed that I have met so many along the way.
I love nature and being outside, walking or riding in the early mornings, I like to watch nature come alive whilst asking  spirit questions , confirmation often comes in the form of a butterfly, a beautiful dragon fly or bird of prey.
Our loved ones like to show me they are around by sending down white feathers.
I work with animal rescue , when possible. My ambition is to have a healing and rescue centre of my own. I would love to share the joy and comfort that our animals and nature can bring.
Nikki x 




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Contact Me


07971 783748

Available Treatments

  • Workshops

  • Spiritual Readings

  • Reiki 

  • Animal Healing & Communication

  • Herbs & Oil Medica

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